Commercial Interior Design Process 

Having the right interior design for your business is the first stepping stone to success. We take the time to get to know your business, your needs, and your vision for the future so each party has clear expectations going into your project. 

Having a proper commercial design process leads to fewer changes and overruns. 

Here’s why our design team creates such intricate commercial designs:

Saves You Time

Time is the key to getting your project complete on schedule. Our commercial design process eliminates any grey area. Don’t waste your time on back-and-forth communications — have clear commercial designs in the first place!  

Saves You From Being Underquoted

If you don’t have enough details in your plans it makes you vulnerable to be underquoted. Our fixed-cost line items guarantee no mark-ups. This gives you an accurate budget and clear plans. Get trades to approve detailed plans at a specific price and timeline. 

Saves Your Project From Being Over Engineered

We understand your vision and have a purpose for every placement on the commercial interior designs. We aren’t just asking electricians to install plugs everywhere just to meet code. We provide plans specific to your business. Don’t let any contractor control your costs by adding unnecessary piles, lights or anything else to hike up the cost unnecessarily. 

Reduce Your Risk of Error

Our detailed commercial design process won’t leave any questions unanswered. If mistakes happen, our plans make it easy to identify who made the error and who has to rectify it. 

Our details are the reason Iris Construction Management is always on time and on budget.

About us

Here at Orange Blossom, we pride ourselves on maintaining a high level of workmanship.  This level of workmanship is achieved by the hard work of our experienced employees and partnering with elite trade specific sub-contractors.  Our motto is and always will be that if we wouldn’t be happy with it our house, then we’re not happy with in yours.


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